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We tailor our language teaching to your needs and preferences.

We offer group and individual language courses.

Save your time with distance learning via Skype.

Advantages of group learning:


  • You will meet people who share your interest and love for language.

  • You’ll be able to compare your knowledge with students at the same level, which can increase your motivation.

  • You’ll be able to have a conversation with multiple people.

  • You’ll be able to enjoy yourself and have fun in a foreign language.


Advantages of learning individually or by distance learning:


  • Your learning is completely customized to your needs and desires.

  • You can decide when you work.

  • Your language teacher is dedicated to you, so you can enhance your knowledge in the areas you need most.

  • You’ll communicate with your teacher intensively in a foreign language, and will only be exposed to correct and fluent language expressions.


Langage Instructors: Amélie Nodilo, native speaker of French

                                   Ivana Barišić Oharek, native speaker of Croatian

francuski hrvatski učenje poduka

Online conversation classes! All you need

is a microphone, headphones, and Skype!


French courses at all levels:


​• General language
• Business language
• Language of diplomacy

• Conversational lessons​


​• One-to-one

• Couples


   for companies

If you want to provide French courses to your employees, please feel free to ask for a detailed offer.

Choose your course:

French - general language

French - business language

French - language of diplomacy


The dynamics of the course depend on students' possibilities and interests. They will achieve the best results by attending classes regularly.


After discussing the content with you, your language instructor will submit a detailed work plan and what students will be expected to achieve, and determine the length of the course depending on the agreed schedule.The methods we use are: Le Nouveau Taxi 1, 2 and 3; Objectif Diplomatie 1 and 2; Franç; and a lot of additional content taken from various media in the French-speaking world.


Croatian for foreigners:


​• One-to-one
• Couples

You can go out to a cafe, restaurant, theatre, museum, market or social event with the aim of mastering specific vocabulary and learning about Croatian culture and customs.

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